Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mayweather and May Weather

Yesterday marked the first day of May.
The beginning of my "end."
The day of the big fight...  (heyy Floyd)!
The first day of nasty, humid "may weather." 
Please note: I am grateful that it's not raining anymore, but yesterday was ridiculous...
Anyway, I sexed up for the fight party (i.e. thigh highs) and ended up in ghettoville... :(
The events of that night shall not be discussed in detail!  
I finally ended up eating at a diner... (food always brings a smile to my face)!
I think I'll stop there...

Zara blouse, vintage earrings & shoulder bag, necklaces & bracelet (unknown), thigh-highs (purchased in Italy), Calvin Klein sheos


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