Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kara Ross NY Resort 2010 Collection

This post is long overdue (like 3 weeks ago...sorry). 
I've been running around trying to get my life in some kind of order, move out of my apartment and get my MAC Book Pro back on my lap (it was in the repair shop), so you see, I have my reasons...

Now, the good stuff. Kara Ross NY steeze. Translation: style.
I stopped by Kara's showroom to check out the resort 2010 presentation a few weeks ago.
I miss my #teamkararossny family!!

This might be my favorite shoulder bag in the entire handbag collection (don't quote me on that)
There's always some super dupper exclusive bag being made in addition to a collection, so it might not be...
Peep the fresh ostrich #exoticskin #haute! 

Peep my reflection (hey girl!)

On to the jewelry: I just adore this cuff, so fetch! The earrings are cool too.
I would dress this up AND down with simple pieces, and I'd definitely switch up the color palette in my outfit to make it more funky and fun.  Everyone knows less is more and these baubles happen to be MORE already.  Although, I would never wear them together...that would just be too much for moi...
I can't tell or remember if those are hematite or onyx stones, ehh who cares?.. The pieces are beautiful!
(but I'm thinking hematite)...

Pendants are fun, especially these.  
This is a great layering piece...malachite, hematite and rock crystal!
Ooooh la, la, la...let's go dancin'!

Please forgive the manicure :/
This ring reminds me of eyes, my eyes to be exact! lol Only my eyeballs are brown and not a smoky crystal...
I really enjoy this piece.  The hues and style just blend well... Kara's rings are always fun!

To learn more about Kara Ross NY, click here
Check out more of the collection after the break!

Note: Please forgive the photography, I'm so not a professional! :)



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