Monday, November 21, 2011

Photoshoot Fresh: Bright, Bold & Beautiful

Hey luvies! So sorry for the lack of post but this time we have a darn good excuse! lol! We've spent the last few weeks running around like lunatics planning our launch event for Vice As If, LLC AND had a photoshoot AND launched our new site all at the same time! Whew! It wasn't easy but we got it done and we are so excited to share some of the pics from the shoot with all of you!!

Check out the rest of the pictures HERE on our fabulous new site!
We had some great inspirations for the shoot but our main idea was to keep each look bright and vibrant! We used alot of chunky jewelry pieces and completed each look with a signature lip color. The shoot was so much fun and we enjoyed finally being able to our own thang :) Kudos to Genevia who doubled as stylist AND photographer.

Our launch event went UH-mazing by the way and we can not wait to share the pics and video which are soon to come #staytuned. Thanks to all our friends, family and fellow creatives for showing us so much love and supporting the cause!!

This last month has been hectic to say the least but I think we did a pretty good job pulling it all off! *pats back* And the best part is that we've only just begun...


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