Sunday, July 8, 2012


Since moving to New York, I haven't really been taking photos or doing much of anything (lame, I know). I'm going to start getting into the swing of things soon... (but you shouldn't hold your breath). Blogging just isn't easy.
As far as trips and taking photos, I did go to New Orleans recently (not for the Essence Music Festival). I know, I know. I'm still pretty lame... 
It was great not doing much of anything AND eating a lot. I was dead set on trying all the traditional foods in Louisiana. From crawfish (my new favorite seafood) to a Shrimp Po' Boy. The only thing I didn't try was the Jambalaya. LA even has drive thru Daiquiris with alcohol! How unreal, right?! You already know I had a few... 0_O

In downtown NOLA by the Riverwalk. 
Crawfish by the bag. YUM! 
I was taught how to eat these properly for the first time. After a few, I was a pro at getting the meat out. 

It was blazing hot! I had no idea what to wear, so I settled for a cool tank top from H&M, Top Shop skirt, Vera Wang wedges and Marc Jacob's bag. 
I must admit, this Seafood Gumbo was TERRIBLE! Extremely bland. Worst dish I tasted on the entire trip! YUCK! 

Surprisingly refreshing. Fried Shrimp Po' Boy! 
I also tried a Barbecued Shrimp Po' Boy that had sauteed shrimp drenched in a spicy sauce inside warm french bread. That sauce didn't sit too well with my stomach... The french bread, however, was superb! OMG! I've never tasted french bread like that before. GOOD!

Of course a mini vacation couldn't have ended a better way! 
I LOVE grilled food just like I LOVE shoes! Turkey burgers, chicken wings and corn. That's all I need in the summertime. 

And we can't forget homemade strawberry daiquiris!

My delicious plate. 

Crazy. So illegal. I love it! 

xo Genevia 

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