Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bye Bye Summer :(

Hurts to say but the Summer is sadly over. Labor day weekend always brings the season to a painful close, but it opens another world of infinite and exciting possibilities. Fall fashion, the most anticipated season of them all, introduces the world to tons of new fashionable trends each year. Not to mention it kicks off the famous week of back to school shopping which is one of the largest shopping "holidays" since Christmas. Lets take this time to take look at what's going on in Fall fashion for 2012.

In outerwear oversized coats like these from Balenciaga and Chloé are seemingly ubiquitous and are available this Fall by many designers.

Embellished brocades are also high on a lot of people's list this Fall. To add a touch of elegance and silky opulence to any wardrobe this would be the way to go. From Ferragamo to Gucci everyone seems to be going this way.

In a era of color blocking and other complex color coordination techniques, for fall 2012 many designers have taken a more simplistic approach. Matching patterned jackets with matching patterned pants. With paisleys, floral patterns and reimagined check patterns that have been around for the past few seasons.

Something we have not seen in the past few years, designers have finally toned down the use of brighter colors in favor or simple colors and for Fall 2012 we are seeing that black leather is making a big come back.

Bodacious hips get special love and attention this Fall. Many designers are adding accents and padding to pieces to accentuate the beauty of a woman's curves in another move that seems vintage inspired. Think betty boop meets Madison ave.


Sade & Genevia

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