Sunday, November 1, 2009

We Are What's Next....

  Who am I? I am the loud, fun and fast talking naija girl in this combo. I live to live…therefore you can either “love me or leave me alone”- Jay z. 

Hmmm how would I describe my style…simple, chic and straight-to-the point. Which goes hand in hand with my personality. My goal in life is to become a…corporate lawyer…surprised?? Well, I adore fashion; but I live for law. Nothing is more fabulous than a lady who is fashionable and smart. I love the way carrying a designer handbag and rocking some Chloe sunglasses while wearing sweat pants can make any chick feel fabulous. That is the essence of fashion to me….confidence. 

I believe fashion is a vital part of life. Even though many would like to deny it…the way you dress gives everyone around you a brief snippet into whom you truly are. Growing up in Maryland, with briefs stints in Nigeria and London and now residing in Philadelphia, I’ve come to understand the importance of expression…the importance of fashion. Someone once told me that the "greatest investment you could ever make is in your youth"....i took those words to heart...and now im makin' moves to attain the "good life that we all wanna reach"- Common.
My current vices?
MbyMJ handbag. Chloe sunglasses. Andy Warhol&Manet. London&Lugamo. MasterCard… Lifesavers Gummies. Lady Gaga, Asa & Kanye West. And of course the infamous Blackberry tour. 


                  "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous..." Coco Chanel

I am the chill, organized, city-obsessed girl in this duo.  I’m a huge fun enthusiast, but don’t sleep on me, I make mad moves! 

I used to live in Milan, which was my la la land (I did absolutely nothing, but eat, drink and shop. I loved it).  I live in Philadelphia, but I’m from Maryland.  

Who am I?  Well, it’s not that easy, but for real, what you see is what you get…sometimes.  My personality is straightforward and I wear my heart on my sleeves, so you’ll know if I’m disinterested, annoyed or excited.  BUT, I may switch it up and confuse the hell out of you lol…anything can happen.  With that being said, I refer to my style as plain Jane with an attitude. I enjoy keeping things simple, but never common. Things that already have personality and add to mine are the best things money can buy, in my opinion. I rarely follow trends and I don’t dress in the moment.  I dress in my moment.  

My goal in life, well, it’s fashion related, but mainly just to be happy. However, I want to become a fashion stylist.  I want to create looks, establish trends and make people feel confident.   I want my life to be full of spontaneity; I don’t want to know what I’m going to be doing every single day of my life. I want a career that keeps me guessing, BUT with some kind of structure…organization is always nice.   

I am captivated by creativity, depth, change and all things unrestricted and that is what fashion is to me. I believe in this lifestyle. Swipe, Swipe! 

My current vices?  
Faux fur, boots, Europe, Italian shoes and wine.   


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