Monday, December 7, 2009

VIDEO FAB: Political Fashion

Last week I had a presentation in one of my classes where we had to analyze an argument being presented through any media outlet. Naturally, I remembered Nick Knight and his short film Untitled that debuted last year. After numerous presentations about pseudoscience, ethnocentrism, and Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize, it was finally my turn. I ranted about the genius that is Nick Knight and his controversial blasting of the fashion industry for allowing blantant racism to exist. I explained why he used Naomi Campbell and the significance of her wearing two dresses by Rodarte, one black and one white. With much enthusiasm and excitement, I played the masterpiece. After 2 minutes and 12 seconds of silence...I looked to the stunned and confused faces of my classmates... and then it dawned on, and its politics, are DEFINITELY not understood by all.

 Sade xx


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