Thursday, March 4, 2010

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself....

Sooooo, I've been M.I.A lately. Ive got many reasons/excuses...but the main point BACK! Hold the applause please. LOL. Any who, my apologies for my lack of posts. And without further delay Ill give you all the latest scoop about ME. 

As G has told all of you, many changes soon to come!! We are working hard to make this blog better..for you of we'll definitely keep ya'll posted. 

As for me, and G, we are in NYC constantly, and we're going to try to posts about our experiences in the big city much more often. I am currently interning at Pop'Africana, and I'm totally excited about it. Not only because its a magazine striving to redefine the preconceived images of AFRICA, but also because I feel like I'm contributing to a MOVEMENT. Check out Pop'Africana HERE and take a whiff of the brilliance that is Oroma Elewa!


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