Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three Days of Good Life: Bahamas

These photos mark some of the most memorable moments on my cruise.
I really didn't do too much as far as fashion...  
I just decided to go with being cute, neat and comfortable 
(often times, less is more).  
Once we reached our final destination, my friend and I went jet skiing and banana boat crusin'.  I was terrified; my grandmother always says "water doesn't have a railing." Plus, I can't swim... Dude, what if I fell off?!? Then what?... But I would do it all again! LOL
It was that much fun!
Overall, the experience was pure laughter even when the most absurd things were happening from beginning to end!
First night on the boat.
lingerie tank (unknown); high-waisted vintage shorts, nine west clogs, vintage coach shoulder bag, sea shell necklace, cardigan (unknown), marc by marc jacobs watch 

I was so in love with my nail polish...

In the club. 
Wild beyond reason...

Doing the running man!

In the Bahamas and on my way to jet ski!
soho zigi sandals, dress (unknown)

On our way to the beach.


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