Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Badu Bi-otch!!

Who: My friend and I
What: Erykah Badu Concert
Where: D.C.
When: May 28, 2010
Why: I enjoy her music; it makes me happy/sad; it's bittersweet; I love her.

It was a very chill atmosphere even though it was in a large venue. 
People were still hype...I mean duhh it's Erykah Badu!
I've actually never experienced anything like it before...
I'm used to going to male, headlining concerts of mega R&B superstars/bands.
Never a female, soulful, songstress headliner like Badu (well actually, I've seen MJB...but it's not the same).
Badu is so informal...I dig it!

pants/belt; zara, wedges; vera wang; midriff; top shop; necklace/earrings; vintage, bracelets; h&m, clutch; vintage


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