Monday, June 7, 2010


This past Saturday was one of the most reckless days of my life! 
It started off really casual and cute (brunch).  I went to brunch at EN Restaurant & Bar.
It's a really chic/modern spot in Brooklyn... 
Even though we arrived to brunch a bit late (like 3PM) we stll managed to have... brunch
(we're cool with VIP)...
We ended up staying until 12AM...(don't ask!)
Somewhere in between that time, we took a stroll, that's where these pictures come in. 
It was one of the best/pleasant moments of yesterday. 
We also encountered a lot of foolishness (people/behavior/business).
All in all, it was a reckless, nice, learning experience!


knitted tank top; forever 21, pants; thrift, shoes; steve madden; mini tote; thirft, jewelry; thrift


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