Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's in my bag?

Genevia and I aren't in the same city anymore :( so we decided to do this post to keep things fresh & fun! Check out the goodies in our bags below!

Genevia's Prada Saffiano Lux Tote:
Blackberry! (Really, there's no explanation needed...)
Bottle of water - It's essential to life, duh! But also, I'm always thirsty! I don't really drink much of anything else. On second thought, I should carry around a bottle of wine...
Aleve - Life can be a headache or cramps!
Flash Drive - I have to be ready to upload something to someone at all times.
Floss - I have a big smile, and I prefer to save myself the embarrassment.
Hand Cream - Having ashy hands is upsetting.
Lip Gloss - Definitely one thing I can not live without.
Ipod - Music sparks nostalgia, and I enjoy wandering down memory lane.  
OPI Birthday Babe - Current nail polish on my nails. 
Necessary for touch-ups. You just never know where you'll go and who you'll see.
Marc Jacobs Wallet - swipe, swipe!
Burberry Umbrella - Rain + my hair = oil + water

Sade's Givenchy Nightingale:
Felix Ray wallet- I've had this wallet forever! And even though it's falling apart, I can't let go.
Yes! I have 2 blackberrys but one is for work and the other for play!
BB charger- I hate when my phone dies, so I carry my charger at all times.
J.D. Robb book- I looveeee this series from Nora Roberts and have read every book thus far.
Dasani Water- the BEST water hands down.
Georgio Armani Sunglasses- Always ready when the sun decides to peak thru :)
Buxom Lipgloss in Sandy- My new fav, perfect combination of moisturizer and gloss.
Mac "Our Pick" Lipstick- essential for that quick day-to-night look.
Mac Lip Conditioner-A must have in this cold weather!
Mary Kay hand lotion- Simple...ash just isn't cute.
Mac Blot Powder- Perfect way to touch up my makeup without that "cake" look.
Hand Sanitizer- I'm somewhat of a germophobe.

Genevia & Sade

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