Monday, October 24, 2011

'Cause We Like to Partayyyy

We are having a launch party for VICE AS IF!!! Whoop Whoop!
Join us for a great night of toast&tunes!

We are super excited to be throwing this event and can't wait to mingle with the young, cool & gifted of the DC metropolitan area. It's invite only (limited space at our venue) but if your pretty certain you fit the description above, shoot us an email and we'll see if we can make it happen for ya ;)

Surprised? Why??! Ya'll know WE LIKE TO PARTAY!! AYEEEEEEE!

S/0 to the beautiful and uber talented Kristie (@9th_and_fontain), the face of Vice As If!

Sadexx & Genevia

1 comment:

  1. I'll be there! :oD

    Just want to say it was a pleasure meeting you (Genevia) at the Refinery 29 event! Can't wait to meet the 2nd half of Vice...As If.


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