Monday, May 2, 2011

Living in Rooms

I'm totally into interior design these days! Here are a few of my favorite rooms from
This room is called FEMME FATALE, and rightfully so!
So seductive and bad ass.  Everything I want in one of my future rooms. In fact, my next home is going to be decorated by moods.  The top three, four, five moods that rock my world! lol

WORDLY GOODS. I'm a huge traveler, so this room is right up my alley. International flair is so chill and down-to-earth.

 Kids would never be allowed in this room...PARIS METRO... the name is extremely befitting. 
Tea? Why yes! Cocktail? Of course!
What a refreshing living room. 
The colors are totally snobbish and chic... Love It!


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