Monday, May 23, 2011

No Such Luck

Howdy there!
So, I did begin my search for a color block inspired look to wear to the wedding in July. 
No such luck.
My first thought was to go to a department store: Neiman Marcus. Sadly, nothing caught my eye, but then again, that was expected! Department stores can sometimes be too "cooker cutter."  I'm looking for something that's more out-of-the-box.  I'm thinking I may have to make some vintage visits to be even more inspired.  Afterall, I may find what I am looking for secondhand...
On an inspirational note, I stubbled across this picture of Esperanza Spalding during my daily cyber "drive by."  I really enjoy this photo of her from InStyle Magazine May 2011.
Beauty, natural hair, eccentric wardrobe direction, color, pattern, what's not to love?!
source: Beauty is Diverse


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