Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We left our hearts in New York last weekend! And really, that is all... lol
Totally kidding, but last Friday I took a bus ride (Megabus) to Philly to get away from the DMV. Sade and I cooked a late night dinner per usual and one of our guy friends stopped by, so we all just acted like complete fools until the wee hours of the morning.
And then Saturday rolled through.
We drove down to New York for our friend's cookout in Harlem (two hour drive), but why not? We're too young to NOT live a little, right?  It was a good time. Something like another alumni reunion, which I can actually do without at this point (over it). But it was still great to laugh and reminisce about our college days.
Afterwards, we met our girlfriends for dinner (Red Rooster in Harlem) and dancing (Marquee in Chelsea).  FUN!
Now, for the drive back to Philly: wellllll, I kind of swerved out of my lane and Sade had to take over the wheel :-/
Driving when I'm sleepy was never my forte... idk what else to say about this. LOL
But aren't you glad we didn't die???

Tank: H&M
Vest: Alice & Olivia
Denim Shorts: vintage Levis
Platforms: Aldo (she loves them btw)
Bag: Givenchy

 Tank: BCBG
Pants: vintage
Shoes: Michael Kors
clutch: vintage


1 comment:

  1. love BOTH outfits!
    the denim get-up for being so cali casj
    and the lime green pegleg look for inspiring my outfit for tomorrow....j'adore x



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