Wednesday, September 21, 2011

80 Years Young!

My G'ma had a surprise birthday party last Sunday!  
She was decked in all gold EVERYTHING, traditional lace! lol
This is how surprised she was: "I almost had a heart attack!"
:-/ yikes... Good thing she didn't!
On a lighter note, it was great to see family and party with my beloved Grandma. 
She definitely looks good for her age :)
I got a bit teary eyed during my mini speech and my voice cracked a bit.
Yeah, I know, I'm a softy...

Oh, did I tell you all I colored my hair? Well, I COLORED MY HAIR!
It's very subtle and warm and soulful, I think! 
Annnnnnd, I love it :) 
You can see it better in this picture than the rest.  

blouse: Express
pants: thrifted
necklace: thrifted
bag: thrifted

Ciao, Ciao!
 Milan Fashion Week Favorites thus far, up next!


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