Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Two Cents: Can I Live?

I don't usually do this (long posts), but err, here goes nothing. 
Not sure if I told y'all (maybe via twitter), but I got a tattoo on my finger. I love it! Yep, that's right, tatted on my right hand. Why there? Because it’s cute, and I wanted it there! You know the phrase, "it's my life" (not a question, more like a statement). Well, I live by it - but I feel like I can’t live at the same time…  

I'll explain: Apparently, external creativity (hair, makeup, dress, tattoos, piercings, colorful nail polish, etc) and professionalism cannot coexist, especially in corporate, conservative Washington D.C. (boooooring).  This is my problem.  I can’t live my life freely!  I have to wear rings to cover my joy. Every blessed day (Mon-Fri) you can find me sitting at my cubicle (it’s not really a cubicle, but for the sake of this post, imagine it is) donned with an over sized ring.  I’m getting sick of it; literally nauseous.  

Gone are the days I used to work in more creative environments that were extremely lenient on dress codes. I yearn for the chance to rock a cute, colorful, patterned turban on my bad hair days or fuchsia lipstick or pink freakin’ nail polish! 

Sidetracked: Maybe, just maybe, I could get away with wearing a deep shade of red lips, but my favorite shades of red are usually everything BUT subdued. Bold and alive is how I like em’, not quiet and dead. 

Back to my problem: If these two environments could coexist my life would be a lot more pleasing.  I understand my wishful thinking is completely futile. I get it, this complaint and my whining is in fact, comical.  Blah, blah, BLEH! 

I'm simply a creative spirit, and I'm not sure how that's paralleled to being unprofessional.  Let’s be clear, I’m not creatively extreme in the workplace.  I am not going to show up to my job with colorful hair, outrageous makeup, a belly shirt, face tattoos, etc.  Although, I did wear pink nail polish to work for about two weeks… :/ (bad ass? Yeah, I know). Still, there are certain things that I will not do just because I know better and it really isn’t a part of my demeanor.  The questions still remain: Why is it acceptable to look creative in certain environments, but not all? Why is pink nail polish inappropriate in a conservative context? Why can't you take me seriously if I have a bow tatted on my finger? 

Honestly, I know all the answers to these questions, I just don't agree with them.  I need a job, and I'll be keeping my job. I'm not THAT crazy and anti-conservatism (I am), but let’s be real.  I’m not going to quit or get fired for the sake of a tattoo.  In today's economy, finding a job isn’t exactly easy and once you find one, keeping it isn’t exactly easy!  I believe everything happens for a reason.  I am supposed to work in a conservative environment for reasons I haven't fully developed. There's always a bigger picture, a greater plan than anyone of us could ever imagine. I believe in that concept tremendously, and I’m patiently waiting for my future to unfold. This kill-joy situation just happens to be a temporary road block. BLEH! 

I suppose it would’ve been much more acceptable to get my bow somewhere else for the sake of this post, but where’s the fun in that?! I’m no punk. I LIVE my life the way I want!  
Although, I must say, out of all my tattoos this one is obviously the most noticeable and the most annoying to cover up.  Once, I forgot my ring at home and had to drive back to get it (luckily, I was just a block away) and ever since then, I leave two rings in my purse. Pathetic? I know.  On the contrary, I hardly notice it, so maybe others don’t either? I’m right handed, so it should be obvious, but then again, it’s a bit subdued.  Aw, hell! I really don’t know, and it’s a risk I’m not willing to take.  You won't find me in my cubicle bringing unnecessary attention to my right hand.  

To play off of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, I feel I should be judged by the content of my character, knowledge and experience and NOT my appearance. That is all. I agree a person’s appearance is a vital part of first impressions. I understand the concept of image (ahem, I’ve never had a problem with looking good), but until I open my mouth and say something ignorant, don’t try to “school” me about professionalism. 

I'm simply voicing my opinion about a matter I can't do anything about. Sue me. What's the point? Well, this is partly my blog, and I can say what I want. :) Find another job that allows me to express myself creatively? Easier said than done. One big contradiction? Tell me about it, I’d love to hear. 

Really though, I just want to live and be happy.

Can I?

My two cents,


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  1. I recently started an internship and I feel the same way. Being in an environment that doesn't allow you to display your creativity and personality through style, hair, etc is suffocating. My style does not define my abilities. It is a merely a reflection of my personality. I'm on a search to find a job that allows me to be more expressive. Great post. and good luck with everything.


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