Thursday, January 26, 2012

CappFABB Meet Up: A Few Unfamiliar Faces

Went to my second CappFABB affair on Tuesday after work. This time it was held at Madewell in Georgetown. I believe this was the first bloggers event in 2012 that I attended. It was great to see all of my old blogger boos and some unfamiliar faces! This post is actually dedicated to some of the folks I didn't recognize! Enjoy. 

Unfortunately, I can't remember everything, but I do know the lady in the middle is a friend and Natasha Thomas's (L) website is called Archetype Style. The woman to the right has a blog too...dammit...I don't remember what she told me...
BUT I do know that they all look great! 

The scene. 

Jacqueline of Jack Outside the Box
I loved this girl! I could literally talk to her forever! She was supeeer sweet!

My favorite duo and unfamiliar faces of the night! 
Maneika (L) and daughter (I don't remember her name)! Crazy right? Mother and daughter? That's what I asked... I'm still puzzled.
Anywho, they are joining forces and teaming up to be the blogganistas (yeah, I totally just made that up) behind The Style Vault

Check out her funky, platform shoes! 

Hands down, my favorite piece of the night worn by Courtney of Elan Renegade Vintage.

The close up. 



  1. Great recap of such a wonderful night!!! It was great meeting you. Hope to see you at the next one. BTW Thanks for highlighting my look!!! :)

  2. Yes! I'm glad that you focused solely on the new faces. That's what I try to do whenever I go to these meetups and do a recap: take time to chat it up with the new faces. Great recap!

    And aren't the mother/daughter duo absolutely fabulous! Wow.

    1. I'm back again! I tagged you for fun award. Check out my recent blog post for more details.

  3. always at events


  4. Hey! Thank you for your kind comments..we love your blog and the brand that you've established, it was a pleasure meeting you all and welcoming us with open arms. We look forward to future meet ups/events and establishing solid healthy relationships!


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