Monday, January 9, 2012

Interior Designin'

Hey guys! I have recently been OB-sessed with interior design...dare I say more than fashion...joking joking... like that will EVER happen! LOL! I just moved into a new apartment here in Philly and decided to turn my second bedroom into our official office for Vice As If, LLC. Finally giving Genevia and I our very own space to get our work done :) Pics of my inspirations and our fab new office below!

I decided to go for a Black&White theme because its elegant, chic and so US. I drew inspirations from alot of interior design blogs since I had no idea how or where to start. Picking and choosing the decor on a budget was no easy task, especially since this was my first time 'interior designing' but I enjoyed every minute!
 Used the pics from our photoshoot as 'art' for our gallery wall! Can you figure out the saying in the artwork? ;)

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out *pats self on back*!! All I need is my new Mac and I'm good to go! Still adding more decor as we go along which makes things even more fun. And believe you me, we now have no problem working late nights in our new space :) Now I'm officially addicted to interior design and have started gathering ideas for my bedroom...Ill keep you guys posted!


Sources: The Design * Sponge, Small Shop Studio, Stylizimo


  1. Absolutely love it ! It turned out so great ! I love the mini gallery and the sight test is such a good way to display the quote ( Be the change you want to see in the World)

  2. OMG the office looks AMAZING you did a great job!!


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