Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Music Scene

On Saturday, Sade and I went to the Intern Showcase at Sigma Sounds Studios in Philadelphia to support several, upcoming, talented artists. 
Most importantly, we were there to style our client, WyldLyfe, for their first show of 2012!
Is was a great turnout and a lot of fun. All the artists did a fantastic job! It's usually held once a month in downtown Philadelphia, and always features different artists. 
Here are some photos and videos of that night. Please excuse the sound quality of the video.  It was my first time filming on my Nikon, so I'm sure I need to set it up differently. 

The hosts. 

A fellow camera person. 

Suzann Christine. We really enjoyed her performance. Google her. 
This was just a snippet. My arm was getting tired...

Rapper/Singer, L.A., from Brookyln. She's quite dramatic, but she is extremely dope! 
Google her! 

 I thought this was a cool picture of her during her performance, so I decided to share! 

Some of L.A.'s performance. 

WyldLyfe performing!

 The crowd. 

The drummer for WyldLyfe is flipping awesome!  

 Backstage with Chess of WyldLyfe. 

blouse: vintage
skirt: vintage Dolce & Gabbana
booties: Jeffery Campbell
bag: Prada 

vest: Zara
shirt & leggings: H&M
boots: Steve Madden 

xoxo G&S


  1. Genevia you look so GORGEOUS & ELEGANT!! So wonderful seeing you the other night :)

  2. Thanks Wave! It's always a pleasure seeing you, my dear!

  3. LOVE the 2nd look with the vest!!!


  4. Both of you look awesome, but Genevia, your outfit is of the HOOK! Love, love, LOVE that skirt!



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