Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blue Velvet Birthday

Awwwww (sniffs) Thank you for those kind words, Sade (bats eyelashes)! I love you too :)(sometimes we are unaware of each others post and find ourselves reading them too. It's kind of weird, I guess)!!
Indeed, I had a birthday on Tuesday, March 27. It was a good day, but for some reason I decided to go to work... (silly move, I know) Fortunately, I knew my supervisor would let me leave early, so that's exactly what I did! I blew the joint 'round 4 and went home to get ready for dinner with my family at Wildfire in Tyson's Galleria. Yummy. I love the place, so I expected everything from service to food to be delightful! 

I took advantage of the chilly weather, and finally wore this velvet dress from Stefanel! Got it from my cool days living in Milan, which was three beautiful years ago. I'm notorious for keeping things for years before I wear them. It's sad. The moment I saw it, I loved it. It was my very first velvet purchase! The one thing I really enjoy about the dress is its 20's flair. Besides that, it's extremely simple. The waist band reminds of vintage 20's. One of my favorite decades alongside the 70's. So, I brought my birthday to a close wearing this lovely piece. I decided to pair it with Christian Louboutin's and a silver mesh bag I've also never carried.

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