Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Bit of this, A Bit of that

Stopped by Thelma's Vanity Vintage on Saturday for a vintage, holiday trunk show at the Anacostia Art Gallery and Boutique. The event was hosted by owner, Michela Wariebi along with featured designer, Denisio Truitt.  It was my lucky day because I arrived there a bit later than I planned (thinking everything would be gone), and actually found two items that I LOVE! Unfortunately, I didn't take pics of them, and now they're at the cleaners getting fresh! haha Expect to see them sooner than later since I found a sparkly number that is perfect for New Years (jumpsuit)!  The other piece is a really cute crop top that was reconstructed by Denisio. Expect to see that real soon too! There were so many beautiful pieces at the trunk show; I really wanted it all!

Michela! Loooved this long sleeved romper! 

The gorgeous Denisio in a fabulous vintage dress (probably reconstructed by her too, no?)

And because I'm a bit of a fat ass, I took a picture of the wonderful treats they provided. Oh, and drinks too ;) That cookie-ish number right there was my absolute favorite! I have no idea what it was, but it was delicious! Let's not forget that cake that is shaped like a mannequin! Yes, you read that right. It's a freaking cake! I didn't get to taste it after it was cut in pieces, but it looked scrumptious! 

A few weeks back, I also went to Carbon in DC for the East Coast Chic Boutique (ECC) Trunk Show. 
(forgot to post the pics, silly me)
The owner of ECC, Tanya Janish, introduced a holiday collection featuring a few, vests, blouses and jackets in rich colors. I didn't get a chance to to take a photo of her (boo). Check out her pieces:

Loved this ECC blazer with the buttons. Too bad it was too big...

Carbon, a DC eco-chic boutique, is actually closing sometime this month. The owner, Katherine Limon, is having a major sale, and just in time for Christmas! So, head over there and shop. I'm sure you'll find some great deals. Here are a few pieces that caught my big eyes:

Katherine! She was so sweet. I wish her the best of luck! 

xoxo Genevia 


  1. What a great collection of pictures!! I can't wait to see the pieces that you bought :) Also I CAN'T believe that mannequin was a cake lol

  2. this is a GREAT post and I love, love, LOVE the blazer with the buttons!


  3. Thanks ladies! lol I know right @Pich and Roor the mannequin was insane!


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