Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Meet-up

Sidetrack: I owe the highlight of my Thursday night to the CappFABB December Meet-up with Goodwill event! I practically stole this amazing briefcase/tote.  
The post: Ok. So, this was my first meet-up of all the meet-ups because we joined about a month ago.   The event was held at Caramel in D.C. and featured Goodwill's Holiday Trunk Show with racks of vintage, and contemporary fashion from Caramel. It was just a cool night to socialize and meet fashion and beauty bloggers in real life. 
Here's the bag I stole:

Would you believe me If I told you I photoshopped everyone out of the picture below? 
Yeah, me neither.
So, what! I was the first person there, gosh darn it! And I'm damn proud (not really)! But it's cool because I can say that I didn't have to kung-fu anyone for this bag! haha
dress: uhh got it in London
jacket: Zara
boots: Dolce Vita


I really like the back of this dress, especially the bow. 

more vintage 

some contemporary men's and women's fashion 

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  1. Thank you so much for coming out to the Goodwill trunk show! You did indeed snag a great bag. It was in great condition! I hope to see you more at these events! -DCGF


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