Friday, December 9, 2011

LPM Lookbook Celebration!!

This past Thursday, I went to the La Petite Marmoset (LPM) Lookbook Party in conjunction with The President Wears Prada, Spicy Candy DC, and A Lacey Perspective at Violet Boutique in Adams Morgan. 
It was a pretty sweet deal. The lookbook and video are absolutely phenomenal (You Have to Take A Look) and LPM owner/designer, Katherine Martinez is simply a fantastic talent! Her pieces are reconstructed into the cutest things. For instance, one of her specialties is making "ugly sweaters" into cute mini skirts! Just take a look below. 
sweater: Mums old piece from Bebe
leather pants: vintage
shoes: Valentino
ball of a bag: thrifted

Oh and btw, this is my first time in life wearing leather pants. *having a moment*
I've had these bad boys for about two years now, and I just got around to wearing them. It's not like I have an endless supply of clothing in my closet either. Really, there's no excuse.
I'm just weird  like that...

Katherine of LPM

All of Katherine's pieces can be found at Violet Boutique. 
In fact, Violet Boutique has a great selection of contemporary women's clothing too - all from the west coast (LA). I was really impressed to find such great quality pieces in the store. Plus, store owner, Julie, is such a sweetheart! Loved her!  Oh, and the price points are definitely affordable! Be sure to stop by!

How cute are these skirts by LPM??  

And these tops with the cut-out sleeves are lovely. UGH! They'd look great paired with skinny jeans/pants and stilettos, especially since the front is shorter than the back!

Violet Boutique Wear

Carla of The President Wears Prada and Caroline (the videographer/editor behind the video)!

Krystin of Be Loud Be You

One of the models from the LPM Lookbook. She's a beauty, and I'm in love with her natural hair! 

A girl is leopard always has my heart! Love this classic look! 

Vivi!! Looking fab in an electric blue blazer!  
Check her blog out at Heart, Print and Style

Jenn of Comme Coco
Her vintage RL jacket is incredible!

Lauren of Haute of the Press (L) and Cortnie of Love Cortnie (R)

My leather pants twin, Katya, of Spicy Candy DC! What a babe!

Lacey of A Lacey Perspective  and Carlis of Spicy Candy DC

Jerrita of Glam Soup

The stylish sales associates of Violet Boutique. 

Sales associate (L) and Violet Boutique owner, Julie (R). 

Waverly of Pich & Roor 
She's super sweet, and I love everything about her! 
Including her look. 

That's all folks. Good night!



  1. Aww you're such a sweet heart! I loved chatting with you the other night & I really enjoyed looking through all your pictures, have a Great weekend :)

  2. It was great meeting you! Your photos came out really good (mine...not so much lol). Loved your pants!


  3. Great pics and great meeting you!

  4. Thank you for featuring me and your pics came out super nice! Always great to see you and look forward to the next event!

  5. Hi girls! Thanks for the comments. I enjoyed meeting all of you too! See you at the next event!

  6. What a great post, that event was a lot of fun! xoxo


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