Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I May Be Young, but #imREDy

Here's the deal: I used to have this crazy lipstick phobia period. 
I didn't care what shade it was, I wasn't wearing it, especially if it was red! UGH! You couldn't pay me to wear red (well, maybe you could of, but I wouldn't know anymore) I absolutely abhorred lipstick because I hated my mouth/lips and felt there was no need to accentuate a part of me that I disliked. These days... I'm over hating my mouth. I'm getting old and my lips aren't going anywhere, so I gave up hating it! 
Now, I'm obsessed with lipstick, especially red lipstick! 
I went through a phase wear I found myself in the MAC store like everyday.
I've ventured into nudes, pinks, berries, plums, etc.  My all time favorite is Ruby Woo :) I gotta say though, they all look BOMB on me! lol 
In fact, one of my favorite blogger friends, Naseya of The Seventh District, launched a campaign this month called #ImREDy!
It's started out as a social experiment encouraging women to wear red lipstick that makes them feel the most feminine! (It doesn't really have to be red, but any variation of the color like fuchsia, berry, etc.) The campaign turned into an entire women's empowerment initiative! WhoooHooo
Read more about it by clicking here
You can also participate by changing your social network profile pictures to a photo of you wearing your favorite shade of red lipstick! Join the campaign by applying the #imREDy hashtag to your tweets on Twitter!
Here are some pics of me in my #imREDy looks! 


  1. aww you look beautiful! I agree it's nerve racking at the beginning trying to get on the lipstick train but it's so fun afterwards :) I'm seriously in LOVE with every color from the lightest pinks to the more daring darker shades. Hope to see you soon xoxo

  2. Never knew you had a phobia! You look great in all those shades! Thank you sooooo much for supporting the campaign. It's all about women embracing their beauty! You are definitely #REDy!

  3. love the campaign and your pics---you look great :-)


  4. You are GORGE...I think you could pull off any shade!!! ;) Hope to see ya soon.

    Xoxo - Krystin

  5. Thanks for the encouraging words, ladies! Love you all! *big kisses*


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