Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bloomy's for Blogger's Night Out

Blooomingdale's hosted a Blogger's Night Out event at its Chevy Chase location this past Wednesday.
It was a cool night of holiday shopping, networking and fun! There were a few contests (of course, I didn't win) that allowed for free giveaways of J brand jeans, $100 gift cards, etc. BUT, I was able to get a gift bag! I gotta say... our gift bags from A Night of Style trumped this department store's! lol
Anywho, I had a great time and got to see some of my favorite bloggers again! Oh, and I met some really cool, new people too. I especially enjoyed learning about a new Iphone app that basically acts as a closet manager since it organizes pieces in your very own wardrobe! I've heard of other apps like this before, but I was never sold on the idea until one of the creator's behind it took the time to educate me. It's called Stylebook, and I'm in love with it! You can read more about it when you scroll through the pics! 

blouse: thrifted
pants: vintage
shoes: Marc Jacobs 

Bloomingdale's displayed a plethora of holiday must have items. It was a sweet mix of treats for any and everybody. 

One of the creators of Stylebook, Jess Moore (L) and Ica of Ica Images.
I adored these ladies' burst of color for the fall paired with neutral heels! Ica's color selection for her color blocking look is soo cute! 

Jeritta of Glam Soup

Jennifer of Comme Coco

Emily Kate Hargrove of EKH Capitol Style (L) and Katherine Ntiamoah of Healthy Glow

These are such great clutches, especially for the holidays! 

Read all about it when you click the link! It's freaking awesome. And the app will eventually have about 7,000 retail stores at your fingertips when it comes time to enhance your wardrobe or make a wish wardrobe! I can secretly shop (bookmark pieces I want from each store) while creating look,m at the same time! How cool is that?

The duo behind Stylebook!

Hey Rai!!! Check out her site Rai Monique 

Waverly of Pich & Droor

Whitney James of Nic's Picks

I definitely went to to college with her, and we became fast friends since day 1 (orientation).
It was sooooo good seeing you, Kamile! 

One of the hosts for the event. Cute style. 

Carlis of Spicy Candy DC

Katya of Spicy Candy DC

Vivi of  Heart, Print and Style 

Lauren of Haute of the Press

Kate of Go Kate Shoot

Morgan of Day [of] Major

Ms. Star Styles 

I was a bit obsessed with her hair...  I just LOVE it!

Apollina of Apollinas 
Her coat, super cute!

Katherine of La Petite Marmoset 

Fashionable attendee :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Later alligators,


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